A project by Violeta Janeiro, Mauricio Freyre
and Jorge Villacorta, that took place at
Espositivo, Madrid, 2019, with  Wilma Ehni,
Vered Engelhard, Edi Hirose, Solange Jacobs,
Sandra Salazar, Juan Diego Vergara,
Carlos Zevallos, Eliana Otta, Tilsa Otta,
Puppies in the Sun, Ale Hop, Luis Alvarado,
Viola Varotto, Élan D’Orphium, Luis Sanz,
Teté Leguía, Christians Luna, Ana Teresa Barboza,
Florencia Portocarrero, Louidgi Beltrame

‘Hablar Piedras’ seeks to incorporate and embody excluded meanings, worldviews, ideas and aesthetics, minimized or made invisible in the western system. It is a transdisciplinary project that begins on February 1, 2019 with a residency program that leads to an exhibition, which in turn underpins a framework for action or a public program of interventions produced and housed ephemerally within the exhibition . The interventions will be cause-and-effect of the development of the exhibition: they will add fetishes, attitudes and behaviors around the construction of individual identities and otherities from some context. 'Hablar Piedras' experiments with methodologies and ways of action and participation with third parties and with those who form and are part of this thinking together from improvisation, which is re-ordering in space each of the manifestations that deform this project.