2021, 12 min

Collective exhibition ‘Un lago de jade verde’
curated by the Institute for Postnatural Studies,
at Centro Centro, Madrid, 14.10.21 - 13.3.22

Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Compétition Internationale, Paris, 2021

Imagine Science Films, New York, 2021

Film Fest Gent, Gent, 2021

Lima independiente, Competición oficial, Lima, 2021
17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2021
As part of the Taiwan Pavilion by Divooe Zein Architects
Two channel video installation with sound

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin,
Louvre Auditorium, Paris, 2021
Single channel with sound

All forms fluctuate, their variables are not fixed, meaning shifts as well, like time, history and place. Unfolding a process of constant relocation, the camera captures trajectories that will transform throughout the film. Nomadism, defined by movement and migration, not only in space but also in thought, serves as a dimension through which the film establishes a variety of connections. Signs accumulate, juxtaposing possibilities, like the effects of climate change, environmental disaster, an armed conflict, political repression, a never-ending collapse or an unknown organisms at the edge of life.

A film by Mauricio Freyre
With Amu 演出 阿沐, Bai 白濟豪, Min-Wei Chen 陳旻薇,  Jack Yu 游治豪,  Komuyi 柯慕一,  Chien-Hung Kuo  郭建宏,  Li-Chun Lin  林麗純,  Xin Ho 何昕

Production company: Estudio RIEN

‘Interspecies Architecture’, 2021 (Extract)

‘Interspecies Architecture’ at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021