Two channel video installation, 2020

17th Venice Architecture Biennale

A journey in the forest near Taipei without a certain destination,
a nomadic speculation on relationships and processe that occur among species and dimensions beyond the human.

 ‘Interspecies Architecture’ at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale,

Collective exhibition, 2020

Bisagra in Lima

A project initiated by Violeta Janeiro and Mauricio Freyre

Faced with that sense of the end of the world and anger that accompanied our conversations, we began to write. 

Collage, ‘ so, then where is the place to go?’, 2020

Essay, 2019

Published in Les saisons magazine Nr.2

Presented at Marian Goodman gallery, Paris

Cinéma et architecture sont entendus comme des processus de transfert desystèmes d’idées distincts vers des structures matérielles antagoniques. Ils supportent des structures instables et diffuses, modèles qui se déplacent selondes échelles du réel distinctes.

Reveu Les Saisons, Nr.2, ‘L’Architecture du film’, 2019

Collective exhibition, 2019

Espositivo in Madrid

The interventions will be cause-and-effect of the development of the exhibition: they will add fetishes, attitudes and behaviors around the construction of individual identities and otherities from some context. 'Hablar Piedras' experiments with methodologies and ways of action and participation with third parties and with those who form and are part of this thinking together from improvisation, which is re-ordering in space each of the manifestations that deform this project.

One channel video installation, ‘24 hours playlist’, 2019

Film performance, 2019

Circulo de Bellas Artes
in Madrid Experimentales del Sur

Performance, two channel video proyection, ‘Material sin editar’,  2019

Film, 2018

L’Alternativa, 26º
12th Strangloscope  Mostra Internacional de Áudio, Vídeo, Filme, Performance
From the South, Thessaloniki
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2019
MUTA, Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual, Lima

Taking as a case study, the history of the PREVI, an experimental housing project in Lima, projected in the late sixties with the utopian zeitgeist, it brought together the architectural avant-garde of that time. Built in a first stage, interrupted by a coup d'etat and radically transformed over time, the project brought together in Lima the most radical architectural avant-garde of that time.

Film still, ‘Movimiento Continuo’, 2019

Film, 2017

Unforseen Festival
ARCO Programa VIP Nave Oporto

Produced with the support of
Ses Dotze Naus

Ganador del Concurso de Obras  Experimentales, DAFO Ministerio de Cultura, Perú

The architecture of the Instant City linked psychedelic ideas and altered states with the drop out movement. Its designer, the architect José Miguel Prada Poole, was interested in the link between technology, ecology, spiritualism and architecture.Taking as an object of study two places related to this story, on the one hand the architectural offices where the prototype was designed, and on the other the natural landscape where the project was built, the film combines an ethnographic and fictional approach. The film superimposes different time scales to speculate on other critical ways of transcribing history into a present in ways without utopias.

Film still, ’A IS CID’, 2017

When does the fiction of a film start?
What happens when the film is over?
Where do characters go?
A story made out of fragments and discarded footage that takes place in a film shooting. The camera examines the landscape of the mise-en-scène, looking for meaning in the elements that could make up the picture.

Film still, SET OUT 1, 2017

Film installation, 2019

A visit to an archaeological site in the process of extinction, in search of a general view of its architecture. The Huaca Catalina Huanca archaeological site (200 BC - 600 AD) in Lima, is formed by a central pyramid in a staggered way, that was part of a ceremonial center. The protected site is located within the land of a mining company. As the archaeological complex is protected, the mining activity has carved an artificial plateau around the archeological complex.

Film still, HCH, 2019

Two channel film installation, 2019

A non-linear journey dislocated in time.
On one side the ruins of Rumiqolqa in Cuzco, and abandoned Inca quarrying and stonecutting site, where some of the architecture was constructed.
On the other side PREVI, an  unfinished Experimental Housing Project in Lima, between 1967 and 1978, interrupted by a military coup

Film still, PREVI/RUMIQOLQA, 2019