Single channel 16mm film transferred to digital video 5.1 sound 84 min 2024

In the second basement of the herbarium of the Botanical Garden of Madrid is located the storage S59, a warehouse from the historical herbarium that gathers botanical material mostly coming from the eighteenth and nineteenth century mainly from the former colonies, that for several causes cannot be cataloged, assembled as discards, this vegetal matter constitutes a blind spot within the official archive. 

“Estados generales” is a single-channel film that re-imagines the return voyage of a parcel of seeds from this deposit in the Botanical Garden of Madrid back to the place where they were picked in the southern coast of Peru. 
Since the colonial system, different polymorphous regimes of power extend and feed each other: colonialism, European modernity, anthropocentrism and Western technoscience. The film is conceived as a counter-narrative that explores the spectral capacity of the archive, offering a critical perspective to examine the continuity of contemporary neocolonial structures.

FIDLab Marseille 2021

Centro de residencias Matadero 2020 Madrid

Intersección Festival Internacional A Coruña 2023

Cine-logias Centro cultural Matadero Madrid 2021

Circulo de Bellas Artes CBA Madrid 2019