Mauricio Freyre



Intervention on archive material from the Botanical Garden of Madrid, (1) Ethnobotanical slides, (2) Fruits without name, (3) Newspapers intervened with fluorescent pigment

Ethnobotanical slides Nr.3, Slide reproduction, C-Print, variable dimensions

S59 explores the representation of knowledge systems beyond Western epistemology. For this project, three types of beliefs, described in colonial texts, including the manuscript “ The extirpation of idolatry in Peru” by the Jesuit Pablo Joseph de Arriaga (1621), have been investigated. As studio scenes, the film rehearses actions on these representations. 

S59, Single-channel 16mm film, color, silent, 11’

Single channel, 16mm film transferred to digital video, 84 min, 2024

 Since the colonial system, different polymorphous regimes of power extend and feed each other: colonialism, European modernity, anthropocentrism and Western technoscience. The film is conceived as a counter-narrative that explores the spectral capacity of the archive, offering a critical perspective to examine the continuity of contemporary neocolonial structures.

‘Estados generales’ production still, 16mm negative transfer to digital video

Two channel video installation, 2021

A journey in the forest near Taipei without a certain destination, a nomadic speculation on relationships and processes that occur among species and dimensions beyond the human.

17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Taiwan Pavillion, 2021

‘Interspecies Architecture’ at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021

Collective exhibition and residency, 2020 

Faced with that sense of the end of the world and anger that accompanied our conversations, we began to write.

Bisagra, Lima, 2020

‘Interspecies Architecture’ at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, 2021

Essay, 2019

Cinéma et architecture sont entendus comme des processus de transfert desystèmes d’idées distincts vers des structures matérielles antagoniques. Ils supportent des structures instables et diffuses, modèles qui se déplacent selondes échelles du réel distinctes.

Marian Goodman libraire, Paris

Reveu Les Saisons, Nr.2, ‘L’Architecture du film’, 2019

Collective exhibition, 2019

The interventions will be cause-and-effect of the development of the exhibition, experimenting with methodologies, ways of action and participation, re-ordering in space each of the manifestations that deform this project.

Espositivo, Madrid

One channel video installation, ‘24 hours playlist’, 2019

Film performance, 2019

Double-projection performance in super 8 with a live sound performance by Carlos Quebrada

Circulo de Bellas Artes,  Experimentales del Sur

Double-projection performance in super 8, , ‘Material sin editar’,  2019

Single-channel video with sound installation, 15 min, loop, 2019

Taking as a case study, the history of the PREVI, an experimental housing project in Lima, by using different strategies that transform the project's archive material, the film explores different sequences, procedures and formal configurations to displace a fixed point of view on history.

L’Alternativa, 26º, CCCB, Barcelona
12th Strangloscope  Mostra Internacional de Áudio, Vídeo, Filme, Performance, Florianopolis
From the South, Thessaloniki
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin
MUTA, Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual, Lima

MOVIMIENTO CONTINUO, Nr.1, Transfer print on paper, 1005 x 765 cm, 2021

Single-channel film installation with sound, 9 min, loop, 2017

The architecture of the Instant City linked psychedelic ideas and altered states with the drop out movement. The film superimposes different time scales to speculate on other critical ways of transcribing history into a present in ways without utopias.

Unforseen Festival
ARCO Programa VIP Nave Oporto
Ses Dotze Naus, Art residency program, Ibiza
Ganador del Concurso de Obras  Experimentales, DAFO Ministerio de Cultura, Perú

A IS CID, Super 8 transferred to digital video with sound, 2021

Single-channel film installation with sound, 3 min, loop, 2016

When does the fiction of a film start? 
What happens when the film is over? 
Where do characters go?

Festival Internacional de Valdivia 23, Valdivia
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin
La Verdi, Buenos Aires
BIAU XI, Asunción

SET OUT 1, 16mm transferred to digital video withs sound, 2021

One channel film installation with sound, 2min, loop, 2019

A visit to an archaeological site in the process of extinction, in search of a general view of its architecture.

HCH, Super 8 transferred to digital video, silent, 2018

Two-channel film installation with sound, 4min, loop, 2019

A non-linear journey dislocated in time.
On one side the ruins of Rumiqolqa in Cuzco, and abandoned Inca quarrying and stonecutting site, where some of the architecture was constructed.
On the other side PREVI, an  unfinished Experimental Housing Project in Lima, between 1967 and 1978, interrupted by a military coup.